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get dressed

It’s easy to stay in pajamas/lounge wear but getting dressed will help you in your preparation for corporate worship.

establish a meeting place

Identify a specific place in your home where you will worship corporately “online”.

eliminate distractions

Phones, social media, cooking, and other household responsibilities/chores can cause us to be distracted when worshipping virtually and will potentially cause you to miss moments. Make a conscious decision to refrain from engaging in these things while attending church online. 

prepare communion & blessed oil

Although you are not physically in the building the same grace and anointing can reside in your home. Should you feel led to lay hands on yourself/family having your blessed oil prepared for this moment is important. We also take communion corporately every month but administer to yourself/family as the Spirit of God leads.

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Utilize the chat feature on YouTube to engage in service. We want to know that you are worshipping with us! We want to speak with you and confirm that all is well with you and your family. You are apart of our online congregation and very much a part of this body.

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